NEVES 77 brings together many different and varied kinds of activities and blends them into a single unified business development complex so that any customer request can be quickly responded to along with giving the customer the lowest cost.


The Fields of Competence in technology, manufacturing and planning are as follows:


More than thirty enterprises involving various steel and iron component fabrication (including design, planning, casting, fabrication, manufacture, installation and training)


Turnkey Construction and Updating (Modernization) of Power Plants, Dams, Manufacturing Plants and of Processing Plants.


Project Management for General Construction (Housing, Commercial and Industrial), Airport Construction, Handling & Shipping (Docking) along with Mooring Facilities


Development of Sales and Maintenance Facilities for Various Consumer Goods

Prerequisite for successful conduct of business in industrial sector of economy is increasing export volumes of heavy machine-building enterprises.



The further development of the SC NEVES 77 SOLUTIONS S.R.L. is impossible without the systematic approach to managing of business processes. Timely and adequate reaction to the changes in the ambient and internal environment on the principle of “from the common to the private and on the contrary” is one of the components of successful activity of “SC NEVES 77 SOLUTIONS S.R.L.

It’s also important to identify objectively the focal points, to develop the strong sides.

Today the COMPANY is an organization with concise and rigid approach to the vertical subordination, the system of vertical relations between structural subdivisions is being upgraded all the time.