Company SC NEVES 77 SOLUTIONS S.R.L. was established in 2014 as a Romanian company.

NEVES 77 brings together many different and varied kinds of activities
and blends them into a single unified business development complex
so that any customer request can be quickly responded to along with giving the customer the lowest cost.


The Fields of Competence in technology, manufacturing and planning are as follows:

  • More than thirty enterprises involving various steel and iron component fabrication (including design, planning, casting, fabrication, manufacture, installation and training)
  • Turnkey Construction and Updating (Modernization) of Power Plants, Dams, Manufacturing Plants and of Processing Plants
  • Project Management for General Construction (Housing, Commercial and Industrial), Airport Construction, Handling & Shipping (Docking) along with Mooring Facilities
  • Development of Sales and Maintenance Facilities for Various Consumer Goods

Prerequisite for successful conduct of business in industrial sector of economy is increasing export volumes of heavy machine-building enterprises.

General production growth ratio equals to 30 percent per year. Machine-building production share to the whole volume of machine production equals around to 12.9 percent.

At present wear problem of power generating facilities is equal to 50 percent, that is why domestic and foreign machine-building enterprises will be attracted to the reconstruction and construction of power objects.

These areas of activities as well as machine-building for metallurgy industry, mining engineering, transport machine-building, road construction mechanical engineering, chemical engineering are the basic areas of activities in the scope of machine-building of NEVES 77 company.

A particular feature of enterprises activities is the solution of the following tasks :

  •  modernization and building of turn-key industrial projects abroad;
  •  promotion of Romanian, EU and past Soviet Union output and assertion of producers’ interests in external market, where the building and modernization of power industry projects are being held;
  • integration of enterprises of different fields in a single system, offering complex projects in the market.

The major aspects of the company’s activities are :

  •  raise of competitive capacity of business offers in foreign markets by means of price conditions optimization and flexible use of total potential of EU & past Soviet Union manufacturers depending on foreign market opportunities;
  •  differentiation of actual export products and services, stimulation of the development of its new perspective directions;
  •  creation of favorable conditions for participation of EU & past Soviet Union enterprises in international tenders and reduction of expenses for participation in them;
  •  the use of comprehensive approach advantages for the organization of science-intensive and highly technological production export, complex technical works and services of EU & past Soviet Union key economic branches;
  •  renewal and development of cooperative contacts between the enterprises;
  •  assistance to formation of positive image of EU & past Soviet Union abroad as of a developed industrial country, reliable and conscientious partner in large-scale and crucial international projects;
  •  promotional support first of all of EU & past Soviet Union production and services during realization of international projects.