NEVES 77  SOLUTIONS SRL has full rights to represent
the national Romanian company ROMAERO for the following fields :

Maintenance services


Overhaul services


Repair services


In this regard we are able to perform spare parts supply,
repair and maintence for the following aircraft types :

  • All types of BOEING
  • Most types of AIRBUS
  • All Types of ANTONOV
  • Consulting and Engineering
  • Maintenance of Engines for most types of aircrafts


  • performance of the package of scientific and research works as well as development activity on design of different models of aircraft, aviation constructions, elements or aggregates with design researches and experiments;
  • development and drawing up of technical offers, draft and technical projects, designers and technological documentation, technological processes, operational and technical documentation;
  • development of technological instructions on manufacture and assembly of details, units and aggregates;
  • development of different modifications of the “AN” products, modernization of existing airplanes according to the requirements of a customer;
  • development of simulators of the ANTONOV aircraft;
  • performance of strengthen and aerodynamic calculations, calculations defining reliability of products;
  • wind tunnel experiments;
  • development of designer documentation on manufacturing of aerodynamic and flatter models, manufacturing of models;
  • issue of offers and recommendations on maintaining airworthiness of ANTONOV products and provision of designer’s supervision of the airplanes;
  • development and manufacturing of technological accessories, assembly devices and jigs;
  • development of methods and instructions on weighing of aviation technique;
  • development of virtual models of the products in 3 D technology;
  • layout works;
  • development of repair documentation;
  • repairs and restoration of aviation technique;
  • flight experiments and flight tests;
  • certification works.