Our company has experience and are able to realize Turnkey Construction and Updating (Modernization) of Power Plants, Dams, Manufacturing Plants, Processing Plants and others.

Having direct and reliable partners all over the world we can provide with extensive scope of industry equipment which can be used in different Industry fields.

What we can provide :

  1. Power engineering products (equipment for small hydropower plants, hydraulic and gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and steam gas turbines, transformers, hydro-mechanical and boiler equipment, engineering systems);
  2. The oil and gas equipment (drills, drill pipe, repair and servicing of the well installation, valves, etc.);
  3. Metallurgical equipment (Domain equipment, converter and steel-making equipment);

Our short reference list:

  • construction of gas turbine power plants in Uzbekistan;
  • reconstruction of the pipeline in Ukraine
  • modernization of gas turbine engines for the transportation of oil and gas in Iran with the training of local personnel for servicing
  • delivery, installation and commissioning of hydraulic equipment for TPP in Uzbekistan;
  • Construction of “turnkey” plant for processing waste in Uzbekistan;
  • Construction of a gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 6 MW for the Asian Oil plant with further controlled of activities;

Our short reference list:

  • Modernization of of energy facilities in Ukraine – Krivoy Rog, Burshtyn, Dnieper, Zuevskaya, Kurakhovskaya and Lugansk TES;
  • Reconstruction of the Dniester PSP;
  • Construction of “turnkey” small hydroelectric power station in Ukraine;
  • Construction of condensing power plant;
  • Participation in the construction of hydropower plants in Portugal;
  • construction of hydroelectric power plants in India;
  • Supply of metallurgical and power equipment for steelworks;