The further development of the SC NEVES 77 SOLUTIONS S.R.L. is impossible without the systematic approach to managing of business processes. Timely and adequate reaction to the changes in the ambient and internal environment on the principle of “from the common to the private and on the contrary” is one of the components of successful activity of “SC NEVES 77 SOLUTIONS S.R.L.

It’s also important to identify objectively the focal points, to develop the strong sides.

Today the COMPANY is an organization with concise and rigid approach to the vertical subordination, the system of vertical relations between structural subdivisions is being upgraded all the time.

These processes let the chiefs of subdivisions and personnel of the COMPANY fully acknowledge the necessity of the usage of analytical methods of work and implementation of essential principles of corporate culture.

The foundation of centralization of information, financial and personnel flows is formed within the COMPANY.

Meanwhile the scope of authority of the chiefs of separate directions and enterprises enables effective implementation of on hand asset management.


Specific ways of reaching strategic aims of “NEVES 77” imply accomplishment of the following measures:

  • implementation of the system of balanced indexes which envisages participation of each link and employee in the workout of the common strategy
  • constant refinement of personnel potential, heightened attention to the social sphere, partner relations “administration – employee” as the main components of corporate culture
  • priority of implementation of perspective investment projects
  • effective management of the processes of inner and exterior security of the Group enterprises and its protection from informational flows
  • automatization of management processes, planning and accountability on the basis of the best universal experience and standards.

These principles are already being implemented by us. The NEVES 77 is on the way of implementation of its mission and it should become a role model.

Together to success!